Ticket – Thursday 7th November 2019 (7:30pm)


St Alphege Musical Production Society Proudly Presents:

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Set in Oregon during the 1850’s, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers tells the story of Milly, a pretty young cook, who marries Adam, a grizzled woodsman, after a brief courtship.
Milly is shocked to meet Adam’s six ill-mannered brothers, all of whom live in his cabin.

She promptly begins teaching the brothers proper behaviour, and most importantly, how to court a woman. However, her plan to civilise and marry off her six rowdy brothers-in-law backfires when the brothers, in their enthusiasm, kidnap six women from a neighbouring town to be their brides.

Burstin with the rambuctious energy of the original MGM film, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers is all boisterous fun and romance that hearkens back to the glory days of the movie Musical.

“This is a truly rollicking adventure which teaches that it takes a bride to turn seven unshaven, unkempt brothers into manly gentlemen and to turn desire into romance.”


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Centre, Outer

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